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Vampire Knight Stamps

A VK Rating Community

★ Vampire Knight Stamps ★
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vkstamps focuses on analyzing and rating people's personalities and linking them to a character from Hino Matsuri's manga Vampire Knight. Everyone is welcomed to join and submit + vote on other's applications! Have fun!

Character Stamps

[x]Toga Yagari


If you would like to volunteer to make different version of stamps/banners, please contact us in this post. We would appreciate it greatly, it would help us out a lot!


Yes I know, we don't all like rules. But it's important to follow these rules to make sure that the community runs flawlessly and neatly. Before filling out any application, remember to read!

1. All applications must be behind an LJ-CUT. NO EXCEPTIONS (it will be made into the application anyways). Any application without an LJ cut will be deleted.
2. Use proper English and grammar. Keep your application readable. No 'lolcat' talk or excessive mistakes in spelling (there's a spellcheck button!). Please do your best in this area.
3. Try to provide as much accurate information about yourself as possible. Answer questions honestly and completely for a more accurate stamping.
4. Stamping will occur after a couple of days when you receive a sufficient amount of votes to be stamped, a mod will make the proper decision but it shouldn't take too long to get stamped. (This is subject to change).
5. Treat each other with respect. Anyone caught being unnecessarily rude to another member will be BANNED. No arguing about it.
6. No character bashing whatsoever. If you are seen character bashing you will get a warning, a second offense will result in a ban.
7. You can apply for a re-stamp, there will be an alternate application to fill out, however.
8. Remember to vote! Let's keep this community running!
9. To show that you have read the rules, please put the word Joker somewhere in your title of your application.
10. As of May 1st 2008 you are required to vote on at least three other applications before you can get stamped.



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➝ Community Layout made by: hikkie_heaven
➝ Community Layout & Profile Headers by: atemu_mana
➝ Application Credits: chocoshins, estasi, & Panda-chan.
➝ Stamps & profile created by: estasi

Vampire Knight and all of its characters belong to Hino Matsuri.