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a joke on the joker

Before you can continue, please link to three other applications you voted on recently.


Now let's begin!

Name: Kix
Gender: none, but if really needed, I prefer male
Age: 21

Section I --- About Yourself

Favorite color: turquoise and red

You love: music, arts, film, writing, alcohol, punk festivals, oil paint, people who inspire me, bass guitars, italian food, archaeology, ancient civilizations, botany, moths, violins, vocalism, abandoned buildings, snow, languages

You hate: homophobes, hate crimes, people who break promises, love, sex, slow walkers, habitual liars, people who consider themselves better than others for whatever reason, unprovoked violence, creepy old perverted men that lurk in the bushes

Good qualities you think you have: very open-minded, creative, good listener, somewhat amusing to have around, very loyal, very hard-working when I care about something, respectful, empathic

Bad qualities you think you have: horrible procrastinator, not entirely sane, drink too much, very stubborn, prideful, perfectionist, clumsy, scatter-brained

If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be? my sociophobia

Section II

Are you outgoing or shy? seeing as I'm sociophobic, I appear shy to unknown people while I'm not actually
Kind or mean? a little bit of both, though kind most of the time
Gentle or rough? mostly rough
Mature or immature mature
Careful or impulsive? both
Do you prefer solitude or being with a big group of people? solitude
Do you get jealous easily? honestly, I hardly get jealous at all
Are you patient or impatient? extremely patient

Section III-- Put yourself in the world of Vampire Knight.

How would you choose to "eliminate" your enemies if you had any? evade them until they come at me, then kill them

Would you use someone in order to get what you want? maybe, depends on the situation

What is your ideal weapon? throwing daggers

Do you believe that vampires and humans can coexist? yes, provided vampires live in secrecy

How would you express your love to the one you love? show affection with little things

Section IV

If you could become one character in Vampire Knight, who would it be? I don't want to answer because I don't want it to interfere with the votes ;D

Anything else you'd like to tell us about yourself? I don't know...I'm kind of strange and very contradicting; it's difficult to say anything without an actual question.
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